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While it may be generally overlooked when talking about spray units, as many people tend to think of the larger units available, there is a lot to be said about 12 volt sprayers. Usually compact in size, 12 volt spot sprayers are perfect for when you have a limited payload such as the back of a UTV, ATV or ute. Versatile in size, features and capacity, here are 5 things to look for in your next 12V spot sprayer. 


There is a huge range of different 12 volt spot sprayers, with no limit of what size they come in - from a 12V battery powered 16L backpack, to a market leading 12V spot sprayer with separate chemical tank in both 57L and 95L sizes up to a 250L UTV friendly sprayer for when you have an a larger area to cover. And these are just three of the models available. 

Choosing the right size is usually determined by the amount of weed control or area you need to spray. If you need to cover a smaller area such as your backyard garden and don't have a UTV or ride-on mower, than the smaller 16L backpack will work best for you. However, if you have a larger yard and a ride-on vehicle such as a mower, ATV or side-by-side, than a 12 volt sprayer in the 55L - 95L range maybe your best choice. 


Chapin-Email-Image-Banner-1-1THE RAPIDMIX

Unique and exclusive to Rapid Spray, the clean tank technology RapidMix spot sprayer with separate water and concentrate tanks means your main tank is always chemical free and you can easily switch between different chemicals.



Don't forget however when purchasing your 12 volt spot sprayer to check your vehicles carrying capacity or 'Payload Capacity' which is usually listed in the owners manual. While most compact spot sprayers in the 55L - 95L range will fit into the back of your UTV or large ride-on mower, the carrying capacity for smaller vehicles such as a quad bike is completely different. Please make sure to check all vehicle manufacturers weight and loading restrictions before purchase. 


A good question to ask is will I be able to carry my 12 volt sprayer on my vehicle or will I need to a trailer? Most 12 volt spot sprayers will come with the option to turn it into a trailer sprayer, or like the FarmMax Electric be a fully equipped 12V sprayer with high performance pump, heavy duty trailer and boom setup. 

Some factors to take into account are: 

  • land - if it is uneven, hard to access or subject to steep inclines, a trailer option may not be as effective
  • weight restrictions - check the Payload Capacity of your vehicle (such as a UTV) - a trailer sprayer may be your only option
  • loading placement - will a spot sprayer on the front of your vehicle make it unstable and prone to tip? 

Look at every option and choose the safest method. 


Not all 12 volt pumps are created equal. You can get a wide fluctuation between what each size pump can produce and what volumes they can move per minute. While most spot sprayers will come with the stand 8.3L/min 60psi pump, with some you may get an option to choose with 12V pump you want such as with the FarmMax Electric. 



Now offering a versatile, economical and tough new 12V pump, the RapidLine. The RapidLine is ideal for replacing that old 12V pump or help with light duty pumping requirements.


While the 8.3L/min is more than adequate for most 12 volt spot sprayers, choosing the correct 12V pump can often be confusing for anyone if you're setting up a spot spraying unit for the back of your UTV, or fitting a trailer sprayer with a 4m boom. Check out this great blog on choosing the right 12V pump for your sprayer and see why it is important to choose the correct 12V pump. 


One of the biggest benefits of a 12V sprayer, is the maintenance of the 12V pump. Smaller and with less parts, hoses, connections etc. than a traditional pump and motor setup such as on the Marshal Pro, maintenance of the 12V pump is simple. 

Keeping your spray unit in good condition will help you lengthen the life of the sprayer. It is common knowledge that if you look after something properly and carefully, it will last longer. Sprayer maintenance may seem like a big task if you don't have the right equipment, however sprayer maintenance can actually be easy. 

The most basic but crucial things is to visually inspect your hoses, filters, pump and inside the tank before you start spraying and after you are finished. Most, if not all 12 volt spot sprayers make this very simple due to the simplicity of the sprayer designs. And with some units such as the RapidMix with the separate chemical tank makes this even easier. The 'Clean Tank Technology' means your main water tank is always clean, and you can flush your lines with clean water by simply changing over the spare chemical tank to a clean water one. 


Small in size, but high performing and easy to operate, the Rapid Spray 12 volt spot sprayer range are perfect for many spraying applications such as small scale weed control and pest eradication. Suitable for applications with fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and more, you are sure to find the right spot sprayer to suit any spraying application.



If you have a much larger area to cover and a bigger carrying capacity, than a larger 12V sprayer such as a Marshal-Q or FarmMax Electric might be your best option. Available in larger sizes of 250L - 400L, these units are a great versatile option for many around the farm spraying jobs. Features such as the flotation tyres on the FarmMax Electric for boggy paddocks make these units are stand out in the large 12V sprayers market. High performing but easier to use and maintain than a pump and motor setup, the 12V field sprayers range has an option to suit every requirement.