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Routine cleaning and sanitising of public spaces is an essential part of preventing the spread of the current coronavirius known as COVID-19. Are you doing your bit to reduce the spread COVID-19 in your public spaces? Here are some efficiency tips and tools to get started. 


Spraying disinfectant over surfaces is important to kill germs, however it is also important to deep clean surfaces first to remove the soil load to ensure the disinfectant has maximum effect. The Australian Government 'Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles for COVID-19' states that "organic matter can inactivate many disinfectants".

To remove soil build up in larger outdoor public areas, many local government authorities (LGA's) use a wash down trailer with a 1,000L or 2,000L tank and a good length hose reel for maximum efficiency. If you already have a Rapid Spray tanker trailer and would like to be able to use diluted bleach as recommended by the government, a simple upgrade to Viton Seals is all that is needed. Alternatively, if you are like many councils who already own a pressure cleaning trailer or pressure wash skid unit for the back of a ute, then these are also handy pieces of equipment for thoroughly cleaning outdoor areas prior to disinfecting.


When spraying disinfectant, you want a nice fine mist that entirely covers the surface without running off and wasting the solution, or leaving excess moisture. This can be achieved by using a good quality industrial grade compression sprayer with components which can handle disinfectant or aggressive chemicals with an adjustable nozzle. This will ensure you can control the droplet size which in turn controls the amount of disinfectant.

For larger, flat surfaces such as walls and floors, it is much more efficient to use a multiple nozzle boom attachment to the spray wand so you can walk back and forth, or sweep the wand vertically (like using a paint roller) with confidence you are getting complete coverage of the surface.

Buddy Disinfectant Sprayer_COVID19



For more sensitive areas where a detergent or alcohol based solution is recommended rather than a bleach solution, options include using a 12V backpack sprayer to get the job done faster and with less effort. The 12V Jacto Backpack sprayer can handle detergent or alcohol based solutions seamlessly, however as the hoses and seals will not last as long, it is not recommended to use with bleach solutions.


One of the most efficient ways to spray disinfectant in large areas and open spaces after cleaning, is to use a sprayer that has the combination of a 40bar pump and a turbo atomiser gun. This will give a nice fine mist like a backpack sprayer but with a higher output to allow the operator to cover more surface area in less time. The beauty of this combination is the turbo atomiser gun allows the operator to adjust the spray pattern with the flick of a leaver to a jet spray if they need some penetration to remove soil or organic matter build up. Simply switch to jet and blast the build up away and then switch back to mist to completely cover the surface again.

Jet to Mist Spray Gif_DisinfectingBlog

If you want to get the job done really effectively, you can use a Buddy Marshal Pro sprayer that has the same combination but with a 100m remote control reel - this will allow you get to places your ute or buggy can't without getting your hoses tangled.

Please remember to always practice safe chemical spraying as instructed by the chemical manufacturer and definitely don't use in public spaces if it contains any trace of poisons. 

Examples of frequently touched areas in public spaces

  • Hand rails
  • Door and gate handles, push plates
  • Park benches, tables and chairs
  • Playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment
  • Outdoor barbecues and shelters
  • Water fountains
  • Turnstiles and fare boxes
  • Light switches
  • Buttons on vending machines and elevators
  • Taps, sinks and hand basins
  • Soap dispensers
  • Toilets and wash room facilities
  • Desks and counters
  • Bus stops

Please ensure you follow the recommendations and principles set out by the Australian Government Health Department at the below link:

And don't forget to remind the public to keep practising good hygiene to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Download the COVID-19 disinfecting and hand sanitiser warning posters.