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Sprayers are an essential tool to have under any gardener’s belt. They make spraying your garden or lawn a breeze, always ensuring the right amount of insecticide or fertiliser is being used consistently.

While finding the perfect spray system for your garden may seem like an easy task, with a number of models available, it's important to ensure you've chosen the best model to meet your needs.

why should you choose a trolley sprayer?

Trolley sprayers create a heightened sense of accessibility. This wheeled sprayer reduces the physical strain of backpack sprayers, which can weigh heavily on your back whilst allowing for more capacity. Perfect for spot spraying or boom spraying, these models come with easily attached nozzles.



Our RapidLine 12V Trolley Sprayer is a model best suited for smaller garden spaces. With a comfortable handle and 8-inch heavy-duty tyres, you'll be able to easily pull this sprayer behind you over sticks and uneven surfaces without fatigue.

Despite its small size, this trolley sprayer doesn't lack power. Powered with a lithium-Ion battery, this sprayer system pushes out 3.8 litres per minute with a 40 psi 12V pump.

This sprayer also offers the below features:

  • 2.7m coiling hose
  • Spray lance with adjustable nozzle
  • Comfortable telescopic handle
  • Weatherproof switches
  • A Broadcast nozzle is also included.

The RapidLine comes with a 2-year extendable warranty.


45l 24v chapin push trolley sprayer

Our Chapin Push Trolley Sprayer is ideal for gardeners who need various features to keep up with their gardens demands. This unit offers all that and more; with an easy conversion, this sprayer can be used to spot and/or boom spray.

Made with robust materials, this sprayer will confidently provide you with efficiency and reliability for years to come. With 12 inch wide pneumatic tyres, this unit can go anywhere, providing a continuous spray of 40 psi up to 1.75 hours per charge.

This model also features:

  • Lock-on feature
  • Translucent UV resistant tank
  • Poly wand which is adjustable to 450mm
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Adjustable brass, poly-fan and poly-cone nozzles
  • A broadcast nozzle for boom spraying with a 1-meter width.

The Chapin also comes with a 2-year warranty.



When making a purchase decision between the RapidLine and Chapin it is important to weigh up a number of factors surrounding the sprayer's use and application.

For example, do you have a preference for a push or pull sprayer? The RapidLine has a comfortable handle that makes pulling a breeze. While, the Chapin is a push trolley sprayer. For some, the selection of a push or pull sprayer may be dependent on what is best for your own mobility and pushing/pulling ability. Alternatively, it may be determined by the type of terrain you will be using the sprayer on. 

Another factor to consider is the size of the area you will be spraying. Will you require a more heavy duty and higher capacity sprayer for spraying areas such as larger gardens, vegetable patches or lawns? If so, then the 45L Chapin will be the model of choice. On the other hand, if the area that need spraying is quite small (a home garden for example) and doesn't require frequent spraying then the 20L RapidLine will be sufficient. 

A final major consideration is if the trolley sprayer will be use predominantly for spot or boom spraying. The RapidLine is capable of boom spraying as a broadcast nozzle is included but the Chapin offers more nozzle options with adjustable brass, poly-cone and poly-fan nozzles included, as well as a broadcast nozzle with a 1 metre spray width and switch which easily converts from spot spray to boom spray. If boom spraying will be the primary function of your trolley sprayer then the Chapin would be the way to go.


Rapid Spray is a trusted manufacturer of agricultural sprayers in Australia. Our team continues to find innovative ways our collection of spray equipment can cater to the ever-changing needs of our customers.

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