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Sometimes you just need a "good, handy, reliable machine" to make your day easier, and get the job done quickly. According to Jason Dolgner, it's for these reasons, he continues to use Rapid Spray products, at home and at work.

Desert Channels Group, a land care organisation in central Queensland has a range of Rapid Spray units in their fleet, and Jason, a Field Team Leader, who has been using Rapid Spray tanks for over a decade and has found them to be "very reliable...[and] something you can always rely on".

At our core, our vision to create innovative and powerful spray units to make our customers life easier, whether that be the Buddy Smart Reel with it's one-of-a-kind radio controlled remote with custom walking pace, or a tank that is built to withstand even the toughest conditions with little to no maintenance.

As our units are designed with the customer's input, and with all the different uses and applications considered, the Rapid Spray range is remarkably easy to maintain. As Jason says, "they are a good basic unit that you can pull apart if need be." This allows for easy in-field maintenance, with little to no downtime on spraying.


Treating weeds such as cactus and acacia, Jason runs multiple work crews, and "covers thousands and thousands of hectares every year" which means he needs a unit he can rely on to help him do his job successfully and efficiently.

With dedicated service team at Rapid Spray, Jason has always found "good service, in Central Queensland" which hasn't always been easy for them to find due to Desert Channels Group's remote location. This dedicated team allow's for service over the phone with any minor maintenance requirements, or if needed, we can fly out to meet you!

The Buddy Smart hose reel enables Jason and his team to finish their day on a high note. As he says, the last thing he wants on a 45 degree day in central QLD to be getting his hose snagged in the scrub behind him. "With the remote reels, it's just so can press a button and it will follow you out."

The Buddy Smart Reel combined with the reliable spray units - "you can't hardly beat it."

Thank you Jason for the great testimonial - as we say, the proof is in the performance!

Watch Jason's full testimonial below. 

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