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With the bushfire season fast approaching and the memories of the 2019-20 season still in the back of many people's minds, preventative measures and hazard reduction efforts are currently being undertaken across the country. Here to help with those efforts, Rapid Spray Engineering can offer customised fire fighting units that will fit all of your requirements.

Earlier this year, Rapid Spray Engineering was part of a great fundraising initiative from the Sydney Markets Foundation. The not-for-profit organisation aims to assist businesses that are part of the fresh produce supply chain during times of crisis. After recognising the toll that the 2019-20 bushfires took on many growers in the community of Bilpin, the Foundation aimed to raise funds to help them prepare for future seasons. The end result was the Bilpin community being donated two brand new Rapid Spray Rapid Slip-on Tank and Pump Units.

These units come in handy for hazard reduction burns (if you have the required permits) and come standard with the below features.

  • UV-stabilised poly tank with tank capacity ranging from 400L to 2500L
  • Hot-dip galvanised steel frame
  • Aussie Fire Chief pump - 450 litre/min and 75 metre head (100psi)
  • Pressure relief valve for safe operation
  • Honda motor GX160
  • Durable vibration resistant poly reel with full flow fluid path
  • 36 metre AS1221 rated 19mm hose with adjustable nozzle
  • 6 metre bottom fill kit for fast filling from dams and other water supplies. 


If this doesn't exactly fit your needs or if you want to add more features then this is where we can customise the unit for your specific application with upgrades and customisation options including but not limited to:

  • Storz fitting upgrades
  • Alternate guns/nozzle options
  • Foam kits
  • Drip torch holders
  • Fuel can stowage
  • Spring retracting or electric rewind hose reels
  • Custom frame and other stowage options.

To find out more about how Rapid Spray Engineering can assist with your fire fighting needs contact one of our specialists today on 1300 077 003.