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Rapid Spray Engineering recently provided Toowoomba Regional Council with their very own customized AquaMax Unit, in this case serving the function of a lightweight multipurpose parks and gardens maintenance truck. The AquaMax range can be used all year round and has multiple applications, including tree and landscape watering, dust suppression and even fire fighting if required.

This 3000L unit included a combination of standard and customised features including:

  • Left and right deflector spray heads with camlock connection for easy swap out with cannon sprays
  • Adjustable cannons with 360 degree and up and down spraying capabilities interchangeable with deflector sprays
  • In-cab wireless remote with engine stop-start and individual spray head control providing convenience of full control without exiting the cab
  • An overhead filler kit, allowing the unit to connect to a fire hydrant or water mains at ground level, eliminating the need to climb up onto the unit whilst providing an air gap for backflow prevention
  • A bottom fill kit which allows the pump to draw water from a pond or dam on site and fill the tank
  • An upgrade to an electric rewind hose reel with remote control
  • Custom tie down points for ease of securing the unit on to the vehicle.


Rapid Spray Engineering’s AquaMax Units also feature a heavy duty hot-dip galvanized steel frame with forklift pockets so it can be easily lifted on and off the vehicle.

The units come standard with the Rapid Spray Ball Baffle System for stability and smooth driving experience without the ‘slosh and surge’ of liquid.

Toowoomba Council AquaMax 2

They also feature a genuine Honda GX200 motor and Aussie FireChief centrifugal 490L/min 100psi pump, make a powerful combination for running the triple deflector sprayers for complete dust suppression and enabling impressive wash down through the hose reel and nozzle. With a three-year warranty on the motor and five-year warranty on the pump, there is no doubt you will peace-of-mind when operating your AquaMax Unit.

Tank sizes range from 1500L to 15,000L to cover all of your intended applications.

To find out how Rapid Spray Engineering can provide you with a customised AquaMax Unit for your needs please contact the team on 1300 077 003.