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Launching an exciting new product, Rapid Spray Engineering recently provided a council in Tasmania with the first ever SprayScout 600 Trailer.

Purchased through a local dealer, this product combines the 'hitch and go' convenience of a trailer teamed with the compact yet uncompromising spraying power of the SprayScout. 

What does the sprayscout 600 trailer have to offer?

This compact remote reel sprayer comes standard on the Genius trailer. The Genius trailer features a tough hot-dip galvanised chassis, as well as a jockey wheel, ADR compliant lights, override brakes, one and a half tonne axle, leaf spring suspension and 15 inch wheels teamed with 31 inch tyres. 

This road registerable trailer also comes standard with a poly toolbox on the chassis. Poly is used for the toolbox with this product as grey hides the dirt and dust and can handle stone chips. An optional extra which was taken up with this particular trailer is the Rapid SafeLoad system which is held within the standard poly toolbox. The customer chose the Rapid SafeLoad system as it greatly improved the safety around chemical handling for them compared to their previous unit. 

This particular trailer accommodates BoomJet nozzles and a versatile boom with an in-cab control kit for extra spraying capacity as an optional upgrade. Mounting positions are included in the chassis as standard so these optional upgrades can be added at the time of order or can be added at a later date.


This particular SprayScout features a 600L UV-stabilised chemical resistant polyethylene tank with integral sump. Rapid Spray tanks also offer a 15-year warranty and are AS2070:1999 compliant. 

It is the ultimate weed spraying weapon with twin Buddy Smart Auto Reels.  A 'tangle proof' solution, these reels feature the ‘My Pace’ auto-rewind remote with 2km range and an impressive 3-year warranty.

There are two pump options on offer with the SprayScout - the Maruyama 33L/min 580 psi max triple piston pump with a 3-year warranty or a Bertolini 54L/min 580 psi max 3 diaphragm semi-hydraulic pump with a 1-year warranty.

When it comes to the motor, options include the Honda GX200 motor with a 3-year warranty or the Hatz diesel IB30 motor with a 2-year warranty. 

The SprayScout also comes standard with an easy pump flush 17L tank plumbed with a 3-way valve to pump suction and a convenient handwash tap on the side. 

why choose the sprayscout 600 trailer?

The SprayScout 600 Trailer is ideal for organisations with shared resources which require a flexible sprayer that does not compromise on capacity or performance. 

For some local government organisations they may also choose the trailer option to allow this recourse to be hired out to local community/land owners to encourage responsible action in controlling or eradicating pest weeds.

This particular customer specifically chose the SprayScout 600 Trailer over a slip-on unit for example as the trailer made it easier to share this resource across different work crews thanks to its 'hitch and go' convenience. It also provided the added benefit of freeing up ute trays for other tasks on days when spraying is not possible due to adverse weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain. 

Another benefit of the SprayScout 600 Trailer is that the addition of the RapidSafe Load system means there is a dedicated chemical storage on board and chemical drums can be kept securely on the trailer rather than having to tie/secure them on a ute. This not only saves space but is also safer than makeshift storage on a ute. 


Another safety consideration is in some cases having a purpose-built trailer like this prevents the risk of staff overloading utes where they would normally have the slip-on fitted and then add other tools and equipment on the tray. This trailer is designed with great balance to ensure it remains very stable off road. It is also extremely robust and can handle the full tank load in off-road conditions better than a standard box trailer with slip-on would.


To find out more about the SprayScout Trailer or enquire how it can be further customised to meet your needs, contact one of our Rapid Spray Engineering team members on 1300 077 003 or complete the enquiry form located on the Rapid Spray Engineering webpage.