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Rapid Spray Engineering has launched a new product - the 'Dual Cab' Ultimate Field Sprayer!

We all know the Ultimate Field Buddy Sprayer has been the king of the spray units for everyday professionals as the controls are within easy reach. However, for those of you using dual cab tray back utes we understand the Ultimate is too long – that’s why the ''Dual Cab' Ultimate has been created.The new tank design on this Ultimate keeps the weight of the unit up close to the headboard and over the rear axle creating a lower centre of gravity for increased balance and stability. 

The 'Dual Cab' Ultimate is available in tank sizes ranging from 300L to 700L and  features all of the standard features that come with the Ultimate Buddy Field Sprayer, including: 

  • UV-stabilised poly tank with 15-year warranty and integrated fully draining sump
  • Hot dip galvanised frame with fork points and lifting points
  • Twin or single Buddy Smart Auto Reels (100m or 150m)
  • Auto shut-off suction filter
  • Tank drain fitting
  • Petrol or diesel motor options
  • 40 Bar pump
  • 3-way regulator and gauge


There are also mine spec upgrades available including an E-stop safety kit and isolator.


This Ultimate also has the added benefits of a large tank lid positioned curbside for easy and safe access and tank filling - there is no need for anyone to get up onto the ute. In addition, an integrated tank level site tube comes fitted standard. 

To find out more about the 'Dual Cab' Ultimate and if it is right for you or to find out what other customised spraying solutions Rapid Spray Engineering can provide you give one of the team a call on 1300 077 003.