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Rapid Spray Engineering has recently provided a government water department with a number of customised and versatile boom spraying solutions in the form of the GreenMax Trailer.

This particular trailer features side jet nozzles which are ideal for spraying under obstacles such as pipelines when the main boom is folded up. With the boom folded down spraying can occur over large areas, in this case over pipeline easements. 

The GreenMax Trailer is available in single or dual axle and offers hitch and go convenience. 

standard features

The GreenMax Trailer comes standard with a 1000L Australian made UV-stabilised polyethylene tank with a 15-year warranty. It also features the renowned 75L/min Bertolini pump teamed with reliable Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines.

The trailer itself has a hot dip galvanised chassis (with 5-year warranty) which is robust and has good ground clearance to handle uneven terrain, as well as sturdy Landcruiser wheels and tyres.

When it comes to spraying, the trailer comes standard with a 6m boom with manually adjustable height.

Other standard features include:

  • ARAG section controller 
  • 50m manual hose reel
  • Hydraulic override brakes. 


optional extras and upgrades

A number of optional extras and upgrades are available to be fitted to GreenMax Trailers to add safety features, increase its performance capability, and to add convenience and ease to its operation. 

Adding convenience and ease is the built-in flush tank with 3-way suction plumbing. This extra offers easy flushing at the end of each job and also means you can leave the chemical in the main tank and still flush the system.

A chemical induction hopper tank for mixing and batching chemicals adds a safety feature. This draws the chemicals and powders into the main tank from the hopper tank. It also serves the purpose of being able to conveniently rinse chemical drums out with the hopper. Another safety feature that can be added is a flashing beacon light to draw attention to the trailer. 

Upgrading your reel to a 50m Buddy Smart Auto Hose Reel allows the user to get into hard to access areas with the handgun. Larger boom options are also available in the form of a 8m or 10m boom to increase the spray width available. 

Increasing performance capability is the adjustable side jet nozzles. These provide an extra spraying option for when there are obstacles such as trees that will get in the way and not allow the boom to be used.

Another convenient extra is the wireless in-cab control remote for boom and side jets. This allows the trailer to hitch and go to any vehicle. The remote's functionality is also labelled and has LED lights to signal which nozzles are functioning. The ARAG Controller is also customised to work with the wireless remote.




To find out how Rapid Spray Engineering can provide you with a customised spraying solution give the team a call on 1300 077 003 or complete the enquiry form on the GreenMax webpage.