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Offering an innovative liquid transport system with limitless possibilities, Rapid Spray's FlexConnex range of Modular Tank systems are ideal for getting the most out of your liquid transport requirements, no matter how big or small!


Being a ‘plus-one’ modular tank system, you can add modules at any time so as you grow your cartage capacity. There is no need to get a whole new tank set-up, just add more tank modules!

Modules can be added to create capacities ranging from 4,200L to 30,200L with a maximum of 15 modules being able to be connected together.

Each tank section can be drained individually to allow for cartage of different fluids. Alternatively, all sections can be linked together to allow for equalised filling and draining.

Modular on truck WCD


Rapid's Spray modular tank systems offer the below benefits and features:

  • FlexConnex technology allows movement between modules to eliminate stress caused by truck chassis movement. The unique two-way baffle system works effectively to limit both longitudinal and sideways movement resulting in maximum fluid stability.
  • The Australian made UV-stabilised polyethylene tank is specially formulated for transport tanks and complies with Australian Standards - AS2070:1999 & AS4766:2006. The tank is manufactured from food grade materials and has a 15-year warranty.
  • Each tank also features tapered seal fittings which allow for internal movement of the joiner without leaking.
  • A 255mm internal diameter flow allows rapid fluid transfer between sections and baffled to prevent surcharge.
  • A large 455mm hinged lid and breather allows fast fill, prevents sucking and allows easy breathing to reduce possible expansion and prevent the tank concaving.
  • Each tank comes standard with SureFit mounting pins which is a reliable and secure pin mounting system.


There are now two different versions available in the FlexConnex range. The Version One (V1) modular system is made up of 2000 litre sections while the Version 2 (V2) modular is made up of 4000 litre sections.

The other key difference between the versions is that V1 has a compact width of 2160mm, ideal for smaller trucks while V2 sections are 2350mm wide for maximum deck use and a low height.


OPTIONAL EXTRAS and upgrades

The below optional extras and upgrades are available to take your modular tank system to the next level.

  • A filling funnel - galvanised for easy filling of the modules and fits directly to the 455mm tank lid opening. 
  • Brass Tank Outlet Fittings - with reverse thread to prevent loosening.
  • Steel Frames - available for 4000L to 30,000L tanks.
  • Tank colours - a number of options available in translucent and opaque. Please note optional colours will incur a surcharge of 5% and if water is being stored in a tank then it is recommended that the opaque colours are used to prevent algae growth. 


To enquiry or find out more about the capabilities of our FlexConnex range of Modular Tanks give the Rapid Spray team a call on 1800 011 000 or complete an enquiry form through our website and one of the team will give you a call.