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When working with sprayers, it's vital to ensure that your sprayer system can work productively with no problems.

Here is a guide with all of the information you need to adjust your sprayer's pressure regulator to ensure no pump cycling will occur throughout its use. This guide will use the Spot Ranger which is designed for both spot and boom spraying as the example.


Pressure regulator valves help maintain set maximum pressure in your sprayer system, which is created from fluid bypass. The system pressure may be lower at different times as valves open and close, but the pressure will not exceed the maximum set pressure.

Pump cycling occurs from a rapid and frequent opening and closing of the pressure switch (at head of pump) while in operation. This will result in overworking the contacts in the pressure switch, causing them to burn out and therefore the pump will no longer run.


how to adjust your regulator to prevent pump cycling

When you first turn on your Spot Ranger, the pump will begin to run continuously. For most spot spraying applications, you'll want to first wind the regulator knob in until the pump stops. This ensures that your pump can only run when you're pulling the trigger on the gun, also known as an on-demand setting.

If your pump is turning on and off rapidly, you'll need to adjust the regulator setting to match the output from the nozzle or nozzles. If this is occurring, follow the instructions below.

  1. Rewind your regulator knob until the pump runs smoothly and continuously, both when you're spraying and when you haven't got the trigger pulled.
  2. For most spot spraying jobs, you should have this nozzle wound all the way in, and the pump will be operating on demand.

If you're operating a boom sprayer, you'll want to avoid pump cycling where the system turns on and off slowly or rapidly because the outlet flow is insufficient.

  1. Wind the regulator knob out until the pump runs smoothly and continuously.

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