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With summer comes the dangers of fire season. Due to the unpredictable nature of fires and their ability to change speed and direction at any time, being able to quickly and efficiently protect your property is a must. At Rapid Spray, we've designed and manufactured a wide range of rural fire fighting equipment to ensure your property and family have the best protection possible this fire season.


Fire Fighting Units 


Our range of fire fighting units are designed to offer a portable defence against fires . With various models available to attach to utes, UTV's, and trucks, these units provide a compact fire defence tool in emergencies where every second counts. 


Available in various tank sizes (250L to 2500L depending on the model), our tanks have a low centre of gravity to prevent surges and imbalance on your vehicle which is key when tackling rough terrain. With a powerful Honda engine that works on the first pull every time and is backed by a high flow (490L/min) pump, our fire fighting units will guarantee the flow and distance you need to defend yourself against fire while also maintaining a safe distance. 


Each of the below fire fighting unit models offer different features and are suited to varying applications.


  • The FireScout - perfect for UTV's and compact enough to fit between the wheel arches of a dual cab ute, this unit is available in a 360L or 600L tank size.
  • The Fire Marshal - designed to fit into the back of a UTV, this unit comes in 250L or 400L tank sizes and is known for being easy to use.
  • The Ultimate Fire Fighter | Core Edition - is designed to fit into a tray back ute and offers versatile side and front loading capacities with 600L, 800L and 1000L tank sizes. 
  • The Fire Ranger - with tank sizes ranging from 1200L to 2500L, this unit is designed to fit onto the back of a truck and offers a high water flow and powerful pump and motor. 

Fire Fighting trailers 


Offering hitch-and-go convenience, our range of fire fighting trailers have been designed to provide adequate water supply in areas lacking water levels to fight fires. These trailers aim to help you effectively and efficiently put out grass fires and bushfires with a robust design. 


Our trailers come in different sizes to accommodate different amounts of water. From 1000 litres to 3000 litres, all our trailers are equipped with the necessary mobility systems for easy transport in defence of your property.


Each unit is equipped with a locking system that will prevent it from unlatching in even the roughest terrain and can easily be attached to utes and other vehicles. These units' compact and functional design also works to ensure that they are ready in any emergency.


The Fire Marshal and Fire Range Trailers are available to either be road registered or driven purely off road or on farm.


  • 1000L Fire Marshal Trailer - this on farm / off road trailer offers a 6m bottom fill kit which enables quick refill from dams, rivers and troughs
  • Fire Ranger Trailer - this on farm / off road trailer is offered in 1200L, 1500L, 2000L and 3000L tank sizes.
  • Fire Ranger Trailer - this road registerable dual axle trailer is available in 1200L, 1500L, 2000L, 2500L and 3000L tank sizes and is Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliant
  • 1000L Fire Marshal Trailer - this trailer is also ADR compliant and road registerable with hydraulic override brakes and waterproof LED lights.

 These versatile trailers are also ideal for use for tree watering, stock water transfer and cleaning tasks - you will find an application for your fire trailer all year round!


Fire Fighting Pumps and Hose Kits 


Our range of fire fighting pump and hose kits work functionally to transport and use water from dams and tanks. Available with a pump, motor, hose reel with adjustable firefighting nozzle, fittings and a suction hose, these kits offer a portable system to quickly pump water through your hose to areas affected by the fire.


We have a range of kits available for your specific use and property defence needs. There are a number of motor options also, all are coupled with a 2 inch 490L/min Aussie FireChief Pump:


Alternatively, there is also a fire fighting kit available with a 120L/min 1 inch fire fighting pump coupled with a Petrol-powered recoil start GX35 Honda motor, a hose reel with 36 metres of 19mm hose and adjustable fire fighting nozzle and suction hose.


fire fighting parts and accessories

Rapid Spray also offers a number of Fire Fighting Parts and Accessories including:

Choose the best Fire Fighting Equipment 


Our rural fire fighting equipment provides a quick and easy solution to extinguishing fires, offering a rapid response action in these emergency cases. If you need functional and efficient tools to protect your property from fire, our fire fighting equipment provides an initial response to save you and your land.


To browse our range of fire fighting equipment, browse our website or if you have any additional questions about our range of products, contact our team.


*these fire fighting units and equipment are not designed to fight large scale fires. Please ensure you follow advice from emergency services and your local rural fire service.*





The first step in fire protection is taking steps to prepare your property and take action. This includes the below actions:

  • Clear / Slash - Clearing flammable materials (e.g. gas cylinders) and slashing areas of long, dry grass around structures like the home and shed.
  • Burn - If you have the required permits, approvals and skills and the conditions are suitable, conduct a controlled burn on your property to reduce fuel.
  • Plough - Plough firebreaks around each paddock boundary to prevent the spread of fire.
  • Rotate - Rotate stock across the property to ensure paddocks are well-grazed.
  • Prepare - Prepare and maintain sturdy hoses and water pumps in case you need to defend your property.

The second step is having a plan for what you will do in the event of a fire. This plan should include:

  • Having a 5 minute fire chat about when you will leave, where you will go and what you will take.
  • If you decide to stay what is your action checklist, including what you will do before, during and after a fire.
  • If you decide to stay you will also need an equipment checklist, including equipment and protective clothing. It is also important to ensure your equipment is tested every year and in working order.

The third step is knowing the conditions. This includes being aware of:

  • Fire Danger Ratings (as declared by each state's Fire Service or the Bureau of Meteorology) - monitor these ratings daily for your area - the higher the rating the more dangerous the conditions. 
  • Harvest Safety Alerts - these provide a signal to farmers that they should be taking extra precautions during harvesting operations to prevent the ignition and spread of fire due to the prevailing weather conditions. Get your Grain Harvester Guide from your local Fire Control Centre.
  • Total Fire Bans - this may be issued on days of increased fire danger. Check your state's Rural Fire Service website to stay up-to-date. During a Total Fire Ban all fire permits are suspended, no fire may be lit in the open, no welding or grinding etc. should be done in the open and the Rural Fire Service recommends you avoid using machinery or slashing.

The fourth and final step is to keep up to date with each state having their own hub for information as listed below.

For further information and useful tips visit the Farm FireWise Checklist and Action Plan