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From portable diesel refuelling tanks to truck and trailer-mounted units, Rapid Spray has a broad range of diesel refuelling products that will increase the productivity of your manufacturing business.

Why Choose Rapid Spray?

At Rapid Spray we’ve been manufacturing and supplying the most durable polyethylene diesel tanks for over 20 years. Backed with a 15-year full term warranty, our tanks have been designed to last in the elements and use a multi-function ‘no spill fill’ tank lid system that guarantees not a single drop will be spilt during transport.

Our range of refuelling tanks are made to be trailer-mounted or truck-mounted portable units, constructed with only the best and most durable polyethylene that’s impact and corrosion-resistant. Our diesel refuelling products also come with transfer pumps that make refuelling quick and easy.

Below is the range of of high-quality diesel refuelling products available to upgrade your current products.

Mobile Pods

The DieselPod is the newest range of compact, portable diesel refuelling units becoming one of the ultimate in on-the-go diesel refuelling systems. With security features such as lockable nozzles, the DieselPod still keeps your diesel secure, but easy to access when you need it quickly.

Our range of DieselPod refuelling units come in a 200L or 400L capacity tank. With a spill and dust proof breather to provide you with a cleaner quality fuel. With a delivery hose length of 4m x 20mm these mobile pods are perfect for remote use and easy refuelling purposes.

Diesel Active Tanks

Diesel Active Tanks are ideal in settings that use generators, irrigators and more. designed for transport, our poly Active Diesel tanks are built strong with the ability to flex and handle stresses from chassis movement.

Our Active Tanks are available in sizes from 20 to 10,000L perfect for any application and refuelling demand your other machines may need. Manufactured with diesel grade poly, our tanks comply with the International Regulation ECE R34.01. They also use an innovative no spill tank lid system and come with free pins, so you can secure your tank to an accessible area.

Stationary Diesel Storage

We also provide stationary diesel tanks that can reduce the frequencies of diesel deliveries required to your workplace. This is a great option if you want to invest in your own on-site diesel refuelling system rather than bringing your equipment into town to refuel.

Our tanks use a diesel grade poly to ensure the durability of your system. With a powerful Italian made pump and lockable access, our Diesel tanks can save you time, money and fuel wastage.

Rapid Spray offers a comprehensive selection of diesel tank accessories. To enhance your tank’s functionality, you can purchase extra pumps, flow meters, filters, bunds and other accessories. For any enquiries about our diesel tanks and accessories contact us, or you can browse our large range of diesel refuelling products online.