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When making a decision on which sprayer to purchase why not pick one that will give you the capacity and features to do everything you need plus more! It is always good to have more than less and the Ultimate Field Sprayer is the hard working reliable spraying machine you are looking for!

Our Ultimate Field Sprayer range is full of powerful and durable options. Built with only the best features in mind to work functionally for farmers or professional spray contractors. Along with providing our customers with a reliable and easy to use spraying system, our range also comes with the latest features to make your job easier and take up less of your precious time.


When deciding on which tank capacity and pump size will best suit your needs it is recommended that you contact us and speak with one of our Ultimate Field Sprayer specialists. They will talk through with you the intended use of the sprayer, whether it be predominantly spot or boom spraying, and what size and type of area you will be covering to determine the best size and capacity for you.

For example, if you are after an Ultimate for selective weed spraying on a small paddock then you will want a higher pressure pump teamed with a smaller tank capacity while if you were wanting to spray a large field then you will be boom spraying and aiming for a pump that will provide even spraying pressure teamed with a larger tank capacity. 

Another consideration to be made before deciding on tank capacity that may get overlooked is your tray back ute! You need to ensure your ute and its suspension will be able to support the weight of your fully filled Ultimate. Again this is something you can definitely discuss with our Ultimate Field Sprayer specialists! 


Buddy Smart Reels

All of our Ultimate Field Sprayer range come standard with the Buddy Smart Reel. This feature is available in single or twin systems depending on your specific needs. Our twin systems have now been teamed with a 45L/min Maruyama pump option which allows for a lot of extra capacity when running two reels. Becoming the feature of choice with its compact and maintenance free system, the Buddy Smart Reel also has a “My Pace” function which allows you to adjust your rewind speed. This feature can allow up to 2km line-of-sight range for users and comes with a 3-year warranty. Manual reel options are also available.

Heavy Duty Sump Tank

Available in tank sizes of 400 - 1,000L, our fully draining sump tanks create an easy-to-use system that is crucial for those who use a range of chemicals on a weekly basis and want to get the most out of their sprayer. These UV-stabilised spray tanks can carry liquids as heavy as 1.3:1 Specific Gravity and come with a 15-year tank warranty.

Unique F.S.T Frame

Lastly, the Ultimate Field Sprayer comes with our uniquely designed F.S.T frame that has a 5-year warranty. This fully hot-dip galvanized frame includes four lifting lugs and side and rear forklift pockets to allow you to move the system easily with a forklift or any other machine, with no worry of damage.



Every customer has a different working environment with different needs and requirements, which is why we manufacture our field sprayers to best suit your work. These field sprayers have quickly become the most practical solution to cover large areas. Here are some more benefits our customers have found using our Ultimate Field Sprayers.

Reduce contact with chemicals 
Using a manual chemical sprayer means there’s an increased risk of the chemicals dripping onto your skin or being inhaled. By using our ultimate field sprayer, the chances of direct chemical contact are drastically reduced. As it's installed onto the back of your vehicle the spray will fall directly behind you, creating a safer spraying process for you and your workers.

Faster and more flexible than other sprayers 
It would make obvious sense that a large sized sprayer would get the job done quicker in comparison to a hand-held or tow behind motorised tank. The capacity your sprayer can hold will definitely affect the time and pace it’ll take to cover your ground area. The Ultimate Field Sprayer Buddy Smart Reel can also extend your sprayer's coverage length. Meaning no more stopping and starting to try and cover every corner of a space, it’s now as simple as unwinding your hose to however far you need it.

If you need any more information on our range of sprayers or have any questions regarding another topic, please contact us on our website and our professional team at Rapid Spray will be more than happy to assist you.