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Sprayers are an essential tool for crop production, working as a water supply for irrigation, to spread fertilisers, herbicides, or pesticides and most importantly protect your crops from pests and diseases. Most importantly, sprayers also work to maintain high-quality and safe produce for consumers later down the production line.

The FieldLink 3-point Linkage Sprayer is an Australian made and designed model that makes high volume spraying in fields simpler than ever before.


The FieldLink Sprayer has been designed in Eco and Pro models to work effectively in a range of high demand and different sized land areas. Both models provide a base standard to operate evenly in steep terrain and provide simplified maintenance requirements.

Available in 400L, 600L and 800L capacities across the two different models, the FieldLink Eco is the base model while the FieldLink Pro features a 40L (400L capacity) or 70L (600L and 800L capacities) flush tank which has a 3-way changeover valve for complete rinsing of pump, regulator and boom with fresh water. Additionally the Pro has a 4-way multi-controller as opposed to the 3-way multi-controller that comes standard on the FieldLink Eco. The Pro's controller is a modular Arag regulator with glycerine filled pressure gauge for clear pressure readings, rotating knob for easy pressure adjustment and pressure dump/bypass lever.


Contoured tank

The FieldLink's unique SmartTank has been designed to contour to the back of the tractor to bring the weight up and close over those back wheels, providing an even weight balance. With an increased low centre of gravity, this design ensures a smoother and more stable drive when you’re out in the rough and uneven terrain of your land.

The Australian made rotationally moulded UV-stabilised polyethylene tank also comes with a 15-year warranty for peace of mind. This chemical resistant tank is also AS2070:1999 compliant.

In-cab controls

Controls which are reachable from the tractor's cab offer clear and easy adjustments to the spray pressure, as well as turning any attached booms on and off.


Both the Eco and Pro models are made ready to accept 6 metre, 8 metre or 10 metre booms depending on your application, plus the alternative, the boomless nozzle is available too.

There are options to purchase each model of the FieldLink with or without a boom.

If you are not sure which boom will be best suited to your application then feel free to contact one of our team on 1800 011 000.

steel frame

The FieldLink also features an integrated heavy-duty hot dip galvanised frame for added durability.

The FieldLink frame comes boom mount ready, standard with category 1 and 2 pins. The frame also features forklift pockets and a 5-year warranty for peace of mind.


Other notable features include:

  • A 450mm hinge lid on the main tank for easy filling and mixing, as well as a basket filter to catch debris.
  • A Bertolini Poly 2073 75 litre/minute 215psi pump with a 3-year warranty
  • An integrated 15L handwash tank with easy to access tap for safety working around chemicals
  • A 15m x 10mm premium braided Australian made spray hose
  • A Powerjet spray gun with adjustable brass nozzle and accidental trigger lock
  • Supplied adjustable PTO shaft with guards.

These features work to enhance the operation and efficiency levels and ensure a quick and thorough spraying of all environmental settings.


Take your sprayer to the next level with the below upgrades specifically designed for FieldLink:



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