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If you're committed to taking care of your lawn this year, fertilisation can be the key. When it comes to the application of fertiliser and spreading it out evenly and consistently, a spreader is going to be your best option. But how can you know when to use a hand spreader and when to use a drop spreader? Today we’ll be going over all these models and the best yards to use them in, so you can efficiently bring your lawn up to tip top condition.


There are a few different types of spreaders, some are best suited to certain backyards more than others. Here's the run-down of the three main spreaders available.


A broadcast spreader can disperse your fertilising material across the front and sides of your tool. A dial is usually placed on the spreader to control the different rates of distribution. Making the broadcast spreader great at releasing a large amount of material quickly, although not as precisely as other methods. Broadcast spreaders are run manually and built to handle many types of lawn & garden products, including lawn seed, lawn food, and fertilizer.

You should use a Broadcast Sprayer if you have a medium to large sized backyard or lawn area and to apply lawn foods or fertilizers quickly and efficiently. If your lawn is fairly open and free of obstacles or areas that can’t use the same fertiliser, a broadcast spreader is the fastest and most effective way to distribute your fertiliser and garden products


Drop spreaders are similar to broadcast spreaders as they can quickly scatter a large amount of material. This model is more precise in its distribution because the material only comes out of the bottom compartment. While this means it may take a bit longer to spread the garden products, it’ll also mean you won't have to go back and clean up the areas where it wasn’t meant to go. Drop spreaders are popular in both tow-behind and push models.

You should be using a drop spreader if you have a medium-sized lawn that needs material to be spread precisely. If you need to avoid flower beds or overlapping on a neighbours’ lawn, the precision of a drop spreader is exactly what you need.


Handheld spreaders are the most portable and easiest to use, out of all spreader types. These spreaders are basically small broadcast spreaders, dispensing material to the front and sides as you walk along your lawn. They’re manually operated through a crank or dial that controls the speed of product coverage. Handheld sprayers are much cheaper, ideally working to target small spaces of lawn.

You should use a handheld spreader if you have a small area that needs decent coverage. Handheld spreaders may not distribute materials as evenly as the other two options, but they're much cheaper and will get the job done on smaller lawns or in areas that a larger spreader can't reach.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the range of spreaders available. If you need any more information on changing or upgrading your current spreader or have any questions regarding another topic, please contact us on our website and our professional team at Rapid Spray will be more than happy to assist you.